How To: Flirt

Flirting is a way of showing that you are attracted to someone. It’s also a playful way of showing interest, which could lead to intimacy. Flirting could be seen as a game with certain rules; these rules if properly adhered to will determine the next phase of the relationship.

Here are six tips to flirting:

Tip One: Be Confident:

When you flirt you want to exude confidence. If you approach that certain someone with nerves or hesitation, that will show in your delivery. You don’t want to come across as nervous, uneasy, or awkward.

Tip Two: Make Eye Contact:

Eye contact is a vital tool when flirting, it shows that you are interested in that person. Before you approach, try to catch their attention with eye contact – but don’t stare too long, you don’t want them thinking you’re a creep! If you’re eye contact is well received, work in a smile and eventually conversation.

Tip Three: Know How To Compliment:

It’s always nice to give and receive complements, just be sure you are giving the right ones. Don’t just give the typical one-liners, or compliments you pick up on the daily – wether it be on social media, movies, television, etc… be original, but most of all, notice the person you are complimenting and be sincere. If you like his or her eyes, state that. If you like their stye, sense of humor, the smell of their hair, etc… don’t be shy, let that person know.

Tip Four: Use Touch:

Knowing the right time and place to touch can be effective when flirting. Grazing of hands, touching the knee, hands on the waist, are all subtle ways to let someone know you are interested. A lot of people flirt by touch, it’s a way of showing interest; it let’s them know you are looking for a little ‘something more’. But don’t get all touchy touchy — always make sure they are open to it, this can be gaged by body language. You want to avoid any and all awkward moments, so be perceptive!

Tip Five: Conversation:

Initiate a light and casual conversation; don’t get too personal when flirting. Keep the conversation short and sweet; it should be a memorable experience for both of you.
Some individuals use light sarcasm to flirt, this can be quite an effective approach, just don’t use rude or mean sarcasm — you don’t want to offend anyone.

Tip Six: Know What You Want:

Flirting can lead to many things; conversation, a date, sex, a relationship — so make sure you know what you want before you start flirting, the last thing you want to do is lead someone on. Base what you want on how you flirt. If you want something more, consider letting your flirting lead you into asking him / her out on a date. If you only want something short and sweet, let your flirting dictate that. When you show someone attention, they can be very receptive to that, so don’t let them get attached by your charm if that’s not what you want.

Remember, not everyone will show interest, so don’t get discouraged if that happens. But keep in mind that when there is interest, make sure your flirting is done right. Know what you want, and hopefully your flirting will guide you into a positive situation.


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