How To: Go Down On A Woman

Oral sex is one of the best feelings, if done right. For a female, in most cases, it can be her main method of orgasm, because believe it or not, not all women reach orgasm by penetration.

The feeling of someone going down on you is nothing short of incredible, but if it’s done poorly, it can be an awful experience. When going down on a woman, keep in mind that every vagina is different. Some are more sensitive than others, and some can be tougher to figure out. But don’t give up! Follow these tips to successfully pleasure your lady:

Tip One: Make Her Feel Comfortable:

Comfort is the key to a good experience. If your lady isn’t relaxed she will tense up and likely not reach orgasm. You want your partner to trust and find comfort in you. Make her feel special and wanted before you get down to business. Once she is able to relax and let loose, that’s when the fun begins!

Tip Two: Work Your Way Down:

Now that she is relaxed, you can begin to work your way down. Oral sex isn’t just about eating her out, its everything before and leading up to her orgasm. So take your time with her, and play around a bit; tease her. Try running your hands along her body, caress her breasts, kiss her neck, her inner thigh — work your way down.

Advice: Put focus onto erogenous areas to really get her in the mood.

Tip Three: Let Your Fingers Guide The Way:

While intimately kissing her, don’t be afraid to let your fingers roam. Stimulate her clitoris, getting her excited for whats to come. Multi-tasking is important, you don’t want to put all your focus onto one area at a time.

Tip Four: Eating her out:

Now that you’ve worked her up and know she’s wet, get in there.Use your tongue to explore the area. Find her clit and start slow. Don’t spend too much time in one area, direct clitoral stimulation doesn’t feel good for everyone. Apply more speed and pressure as you progress. And don’t just stick to the clit, make sure you spend time around the entire vulva. Licking around the vulva can feel equally as good to most women. Don’t be afraid to explore.

Advice: Try using your tongue to spell out words or letters. Some would suggest spelling out the alphabet, or running your tongue in circles. Use your whole tongue, not just the tip. And take your time down there. Don’t rush her, otherwise she may feel obligated to reach orgasm; this will have have an opposite effect.

Tip Five: Be Adventurous:

Don’t rely on just your tongue, try using your fingers simultaneously. As you are eating her out, finger her at the same time. Gage your speed and pressure off of her body language. Let her body tell you what she wants.

Advice: Try using your tongue to penetrate her.

Tip Six: Spicing it up:

Don’t feel obligated to stick to one position. If this isn’t your first rodeo, play around with different positions. Flip her over, stand her up, sit her on your face, etc… try something new. Try using toys, or exploring her back side. A finger tip or the tip of your tongue in and around her anus can be just as enjoyable — if she’s up for it.

Tip Seven: Knowing What She Wants:

Let her body speak for itself. You will be able to tell if she likes what you are doing based on her movements and moans, it’s clear to see if she’s into it or not. Don’t be afraid to ask if she likes what you are doing.

When you feel her body moving more frequently, that’s a tell tale that she’s close. This would be a good time to speed up your tongue movements and apply some more pressure. But keep in mind that the clit is sensitive so be careful ( I can’t stress that enough ).

Advice: Everyone’s body reacts differently, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t figure her out on the first try.

Tip Eight: Making Her Cum:

At this point you should know which area / technique felt best for her. Go back to what she liked best and finish what you started. With little pressure, work that spot to the point of orgasm. Gradually bring your speed and pressure up as each second passes. You should be able to tell when she reaches orgasm. Often times, her body or legs will shake. Once she orgasms, it would be good to slow down to the point of stopping. Majority of women get really sensitive afterwards.

Don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Overtime you will get to know your partners body and what she likes. Each experience will get better and better. So, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.